Yield Fund Referral Program

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We just launched a referral and commission system for the Stacker Ventures Active Yield Funds.

‌What does this mean? We’re now one of the only decentralized yield platforms where users can refer their friends and receive a commission through a novel blockchain-based reward claiming system.

The Basics – How it Works

‌If your referral link is used by another wallet to deposit funds into any of the Active Yield Funds for the first time, you are then registered on the blockchain as their referrer. At that point, if they deposit more into ANY of the three Active Yield Funds, you get commissions on all of their deposits, whether or not it was the same fund they first deposited to‌.

You can think of it like getting rewarded on an ongoing basis for introducing them to Stacker Ventures.

The Numbers

Commission Tiers

  • Tier 1 = .20% of deposits (per year)
  • Tier 2 = .30% of deposits (per year)
  • Tier 3 = .50% of deposits (per year)

Commission Tier Requirements

  • Tier 1: No need to hold STACK
  • Tier 2: Must hold at least 10 STACK in the referring wallet
  • Tier 3: Must hold at least 100 STACK in the referring wallet

Payment Schedule

‌Referrers will be able to claim their rewards quarterly from a smart contract. The frequency of claims will likely increase over time.

Fine Print

‌The only way a referral can be set is if a user’s account has never touched a stackTOKEN, and then the user made a first deposit with a valid Ethereum address set as a referral. This referral is then set for all stackTOKENS (USDC, WETH, WBTC currently).

‌Referrals cannot be removed, nor set to a different referral address. If a user has no referral after their first deposit, they cannot get referred later. A user cannot refer their own address.

Example 1: If you transfer 1000 stackUSDC to your account and then make a 100 ETH first deposit into the ETH Yield Fund with Alice’s referral link, Alice will not receive credit for the referral, as Alice did not introduce you to the platform.

Example 2: In another example, if the user makes a first deposit into stackETH with a referral, and another deposit into stackETH with no referral, the referral WILL still receive credit for all deposits.

Example 3: Similar to the example above, if a user makes a first deposit into stackETH with a referral, and a first deposit into stackWBTC with a different referral, the original referral will receive credit for the stackETH deposit and stackWBTC deposit.

Unclaimed Rewards. The DAO may reclaim any unclaimed rewards if they go unclaimed more than three months since the last claim date.

No guarantees. This is a community-developed program that the DAO helped implement. The program comes as-is and some features may need time to be perfected. As it was deployed by the DAO, there is also no centralized support/ticket service, though you are free to ask questions in our Discord or Telegram.

Who can I refer?

‌Anyone! There is no minimum on the amount they need to deposit, and no cap that will limit your gains. Do you know anyone that likes high yield and would appreciate more transparency and decentralization than BlockFi?

Build with our funds and get commissions

‌Are you a DeFi strategy aggregator? Or want to build on top of our strategies? There’s a commission in it for you as the referrer for all the volume you facilitate!

Where can I find my referral link?

‌Your referral link can be found at https://stacker.vc/yield. You must connect your wallet to get the link.

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