Introducing Stacker Ventures: Reimagining Venture Capital

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Introducing Stacker Ventures: Reimagining Venture Capital

The invention of blockchain has ushered in an age of exploration and opportunity. From financial tools accessible to anyone in the world to innovations in decentralized governance, blockchain has allowed us to begin to reimagine organizational and capital structures in creative ways.‌

However, for the most part, not much has changed when it comes to how early stage blockchain projects are funded. Venture funding remains limited to high net worth individuals and VC firms, who typically invest behind closed doors at a fraction of the price once tokens finally hit the public.‌

Even the venture DAO landscape has been surprisingly limited, with leaders like Metacartel Ventures and The LAO limiting access to highly-connected individuals and/or accredited investors. A truly open access venture DAO does not exist on Ethereum!‌

We believe that with blockchain as a coordination tool, we can build a better model, where anyone can participate, and where projects benefit from both capital and a strong community of supporters.

Mission & Vision for Stacker Ventures

Stacker Ventures is built by contributors from around the world with the shared mission of funding and supporting promising blockchain technology through an involved community of investors, builders, and early adopters. ‌

Our vision is to become the largest community of investors, builders, and early adopters with the shared goal of supporting, investing in, and accelerating promising technology. ‌

The world is increasingly realizing the power of decentralized networks, and we see a massive opportunity to apply these benefits of accessibility, composability, and transparency to the VC and fund management arena in a way that’s never been done before.

It’s Happening!

The Stacker Ventures tech is done and we are preparing to launch the Stacker Ventures DAO and the first venture fund, both on March 1.‌

STACK token holders are in control, and will vote on DAO-level proposals, including the use of treasury funds and the initiation of future Stacker Ventures funds. Fund 1 investments, in addition, will be vetted by a committee of the Stacker Ventures DAO.

The First Fund

Fund 1 is the first fund to leverage our fund framework, and will focus on investing in early-stage Ethereum-based projects. ‌

With a lifespan of just one year, Fund 1’s primary objective is to get into high growth potential projects early, before dissolving and distributing assets to investors after one year.‌

Investors in the fund retain ultimate control through built-in smart contract capital controls. They can veto decisions, pause the fund, dissolve the fund early, or simply sell their ownership tokens in the fund on Uniswap.‌

Fund 1 will be fully open access (anyone with ETH can contribute!) and will leverage the Stacker Ventures community to help accelerate portfolio projects.

What is STACK and How to Get It

STACK tokens grant Stacker Ventures DAO participants voting rights in the DAO. In addition, holding different amounts of STACK tokens will grant DAO participants different levels of access and involvement. ‌

There will be many incentivized activities upon launch where early participants can earn STACK tokens, including liquidity mining, participation mining, participation in Fund 1, and more!

Get Involved!

We plan to launch Stacker Ventures and Fund 1 within hours, so prep your tools and get ready to farm! ‌

In the meantime, join the discussion on Discord and follow us on our socials!

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