The STACK Token Distribution

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The STACK Token Distribution

The STACK token is the governance token for the Stacker Ventures DAO, which initiates and manages pooled capital on the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders participate in decisions regarding funds within the ecosystem, the Stacker Ventures protocol, the community accelerator (coming soon!), and the governance of the Stacker Ventures DAO Treasury.‌

In return for contributions from the community, funds may configure a distribution of capital or profits to the STACK community. Fund 1 will pay 5% of its assets to the Stacker Ventures DAO Treasury.‌

The STACK token is an ERC-20 token and can be acquired or sold on Uniswap. The token address can be found here.

Community Treasury

The largest slice of the distribution pie is controlled by the Stacker Ventures community. ‌

Around 47% of STACK tokens will be held by the Stacker DAO Ventures Treasury, which can be viewed in the Aragon DAO.‌

STACK holders will collectively vote on the use of these funds through a proposal system built into the Aragon DAO. More about how the governance is set up can be found in the Docs.

Public Distribution and Participation Mining Phase

The Stacker Ventures DAO was initiated with the belief that through a strong community we can offer a value proposition to projects seeking funding beyond just capital and expertise. In addition to capital, early stage projects will benefit from a community of accelerators and amplifiers that support their growth, and in turn will be rewarded for their participation.‌

Stacker Ventures is taking the same approach with the distribution of its governance tokens. Early participants and contributors should be rewarded for taking part in the DAO!‌

Through the following activities, community members can earn STACK tokens over the next two to twelve months (depending on the activity).

Yield Farming with Alpha Homora

Fund 1 will embrace its focus on DeFi by accepting contributions through Alpha Homora. This way, throughout the two month capital contribution period, investors receive interest on their funds until they are deployed into Fund 1 to be invested in promising projects.‌

5% of the STACK supply has been reserved for rewarding commitments to Fund 1, with a multiplier for “hard commitments.” Hard Commitments are contributions to the fund that cannot be withdrawn before the Fund 1 start date.‌

These Fund 1 commitment incentives will run for 2 months, meaning ~833 STACK/day will be distributed proportionally to investors based on their total commitments and the multipliers below.‌

This means that farmers will benefit from both interest from Alpha Homora and STACK token rewards.

Soft Commitment STACK Multiplier: 1x -Soft Commitments are contributions to Fund 1 that can be withdrawn before the Fund 1 start date on . Soft Commitments also reserve your place in the fund, which has a hard cap for Hard Commitments.‌

Hard Commitment STACK Multiplier: 4x – Hard Commitments to Fund 1 are irreversible and will be automatically deposited into Fund 1 on the start date of the fund.

Liquidity Mining

Providing liquidity helps new participants acquire a stake in the network. There are liquidity mining rewards allotted for both the STACK token and Fund 1’s SVC001 token.‌

8% of STACK tokens are reserved for incentivizing liquidity, and will be claimable over the course of 12 months.

STACK Liquidity Mining

6% of the total supply (60,000 STACK) will be distributed to STACK liquidity providers from March 1, 2021 to March 1, 2022. ‌

  • Uniswap LP – 50/50 ETH/STACK

SVC001 (Fund 1) Liquidity Mining

2% of STACK tokens (20,000 STACK) will be distributed to SVC001 liquidity providers over the course of 365 days, starting May 1. ‌

  • Uniswap LP – SVC001/ETH LP

Note: this will kick off when Fund 1 starts after a two-month contribution phase.

Fund 1 Participants

A significant portion of the total supply will go to rewarding participation in Fund 1. 5% of STACK tokens will accrue to Fund 1’s pool of assets, which will become claimable by SVC001 holders after a natural dissolution of Fund 1 (after 1 year).‌

Participation Mining with Initial Accelerator Projects

Rewarding participation and acceleration of portfolio projects is a central concept to the Stacker Ventures model. We will kick this off with large incentives to engage and support the first Fund 1 portfolio projects.‌

A small percent of STACK tokens will go to early adopters of the first portfolio projects.

Core Contributors & DAO Capital Contributors

Core Contributors

20% of tokens have been granted to core contributors that have self-funded and built the first version of the Stacker Ventures fund framework, and who will continue building the platform. These tokens are subject to the below vesting restrictions. ‌

DAO Capital Contributors

We conducted a small capital raise in order to initialize the DAO Treasury with funds in return for a small percent of governance tokens and membership in the Stacker Ventures ‘DAO Council’, which has the ability to submit DAO-level proposals (which are then voted on by all STACK holders).

A bit less than 6% of the token supply was sold.

Participants include:‌

Vesting Schedule

All tokens granted to Core Contributors and DAO Capital Contributors are subject to a one year vesting schedule.‌

All locked tokens can be tracked through the Aragon DAO interface.

Pie Chart

Token Distribution Pie Chart

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