Venture Fund 1 Begins Investing in Promising DeFi Projects

The Venture Fund 1 Due Diligence Committee has been hard at work following a phenomenal contribution phase and is excited to announce its first three investments: Saren, Greet and Tap Project.

The Stacker Ventures approach is to leverage the power of our community and contribute to projects with more than just capital, applying our DAO’s collective experience, knowledge and skills in ways that more centralized venture firms cannot.

The Due Diligence Committee, Fund 1 contributors and STACK community will be working closely with these projects across the duration of Fund 1 and beyond. For Saren specifically, Stacker Ventures will be providing additional assistance in the form of business development, recruitment and advisory services.


Saren‘s financial tools provide reliable cryptocurrency data and economic strategies to help its users with a social, interactive market to enable blockchain development. The ecosystem will include:

  • Cerberus (live app)
  • Shill My Coins (in development)
  • Decentralized subscription protocol (in development and unnamed for now)

With centralized alternatives, like CoinMarketCap and Reddit, being so crucial to the blockchain ecosystem, the potential for tools backed by blockchain technology and a community-driven ethos is huge. The market uptake so far reflects this – in what was initially created as a labour of love, the Cerberus app has taken on a life of its own and gained a significant amount of organic growth.

All of this is underpinned by a founder who is deeply passionate about Saren and who will be working in close collaboration with the Stacker Ventures team to mold tokenomics, marketing strategy and business development.


Greet‘s goal is to onboard the mainstream audience to ‘crypto’ by making a cross-chain, compatible application layer and UX gateway with the following native apps:

  • Wallet
  • Messenger
  • Communities
  • Discovery

With dApps being the gateway to mainstream adoption of DeFi, the Greet suite of tools are perfectly placed to solve what the Due Diligence Committee believe are the key hurdles facing the space right now: cost, ease of use, safety and flexibility.

The team itself, with its wide-reaching connections and depth of experience, has already seen great success in launching a lite, beta version of its platform with key features. The next 12 to 24 months will be an upward trajectory of development and launches backed by some of the industry’s brightest names, including Stacker Ventures.

Tap Project

Tap Project lets gamers transfer in-game currencies between games, breaks the barrier of restrictive gaming across chains, and creates a space where gamers can turn their personal gaming achievements into NFTs.

As new solutions and chains jostle for attention, the demand for blockchain gaming and NFT technology that can satisfy the needs of dedicated gamers will only increase. Tap Project, built steadily throughout the bear market by a team of passionate gamers with a clear vision, will not only connect games between chains, but also off-chain and on-chain gaming worlds, to create interoperability that has not been seen before.

A special thank you to community member Maximus for referring Tap Project!

What next?

The Due Diligence Committee has reviewed over 150 early-stage and promising projects over the last month and there will be further announcements coming very soon. To stay up to date on all of these developments as they happen and access the latest investment reports, Fund 1 contributors holding SVC001 tokens can head to the dedicated Discord channel.

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